Envisioning New Paradigm for Investment in n’Ala Igbo

Anyi Aga Ato na Mmehie? Envisioning New Paradigms for Investment in n’Ala Igbo by Ike Chioke

Ike Chioke, our Group Managing Director, was the Keynote Speaker at this year’s Business Banquet of ICAN (Igbo Community Association of Nigeria) held on 13th April 2019 in Dallas, Texas, USA. He presented a paper titled, “Anyi Aga Ato Na Mmehie? – Envisioning New Paradigms for Investment n’Ala Igbo.” The Igbo language part of the title is taken from the Bible – Romans 6:1 which translates as, “For how long shall we continue in sin?”

The presentation chronicles how the political economy of Nigeria has resulted in 10 deadly sins (“Mmehies”) which are being visited upon the population every day. These sins have combined to make the country one of the least hospitable places in the world to live and work. Despite a GDP of $419.0bn and a population of nearly 200.0m people, Nigeria continues to perform far below her full potentials.

To download the presentation, click here.