Afrinvest Asset Management Limited | AAML

To us, entrepreneurship is primarily about constantly taking initiatives to make our work better and the willingness to assume responsibility in order to achieve it.


What this means is that we promote an entrepreneurial mindset which allows each person take ownership of opportunities, projects, problems and reach across functions to help one another deliver exceptional service to our clients. We inspire others to continuously seek new ideas and new possibilities of creating value to our clients. At Afrinvest, innovation is our lifeblood.


Collective Investment Schemes

AAML manages two (2) listed funds/collective investment schemes: the Afrinvest Equity Fund (“AEF”) and the Nigeria International Debt Fund (“NIDF”)


    • The AEF is our flagship fund which invests in shares of companies with sound fundamentals/strong track record of decent financial performance, very good trading liquidity and having good prospects for capital appreciation in the short to medium term. The total asset managed in the AEF is N450 million


    • The NIDF is a bond fund that primarily invests in bonds issued by both Federal and State Governments of Nigeria. The total asset managed in the NIDF is N2.3 billion We also have a range of in-house funds which have been designed to meet the needs/ requirements of a wide array of investors. These “In-house” Mutual Funds include:


    • Balanced Growth Fund (“BGF”): is a hybrid fund wherein 60% of its assets are invested in equities, while the remaining 40% is invested in the money market. This ensures capital appreciation and provides steady income to investors. The total asset managed in the BGF is N6.5 million


    • Ethical Investment Fund (“EIF”): caters to investors with selective interests in the equity market. Stock selection could be on religious, ethical and/or moral grounds. The total assets managed in the EIF is N3.5 million


    • Guaranteed Income Fund (“GIF”): ensures that asset are invested in highly liquid fixed income investments. The Fund is geared towards risk averse clients that favour steady streams of income. The total asset managed in the GIF is N100 million.


Private Wealth Account

This unit offers the Managed Portfolio Account product (“MPA”) to an exclusive group of high net worth individuals. The MPA is designed for high net worth clients with a minimum of N25 million to invest.

It allows the client to enjoy the benefits of professional management with the direct ownership of the underlying securities. Each portfolio is a customized interpretation of our clients unique risk tolerance and personal preferences.

We customize each portfolio to include/Exclude a full range of investment options covering all major asset classes to cater for diverse client’s base.