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To us, entrepreneurship is primarily about constantly taking initiatives to make our work better and the willingness to assume responsibility in order to achieve it.

What this means is that we promote an entrepreneurial mindset which allows each person take ownership of opportunities, projects, problems and reach across functions to help one another deliver exceptional service to our clients. We inspire others to continuously seek new ideas and new possibilities of creating value to our clients. At Afrinvest innovation is our lifeblood.

Money Markets and Currencies

Money Markets and Currencies

With highly competent and experienced staff and adequate back office support, our Securities Trading Division is well positioned to take advantage of the emerging opportunities in the securities brokerage industry.

Our Money Markets & Currencies department provides an array of investment opportunities to institutions and individuals (both foreign and local).

The department is a member of the Money Market Association of Nigeria and its product offerings include:

  • Treasury Bills
  • Commercial Papers
  • Bankers Acceptance
  • Repos (Open Buy Back & Fixed Buy Back)

Our Current services include:

  • Brokerage services on foreign currency denominated transactions and cutting edge advisory services to institutions as well as individuals with currency exposures.
  • Bureau de Change services through our BDC window “Afrinvest BDC” a wholly owned subsidiary of Afrinvest.


Fixed Income Trading

Our Fixed Income Trading unit offers specialized services in sales and trading to both the wholesale and retail end of the market.

Our Fixed Income Trading unit is positioned to provide a range of services in the fixed income securities market. We are involved in the primary issuance and underwriting of sovereign, municipal and corporate Bonds. Our area of expertise includes:

  • Sovereign/FGN Bonds
  • Municipal/State Government Bonds
  • Foreign/Eurobonds
  • Repos

The unit deals with banks, discount houses, and other financial institutions trades over-the-counter (OTC) as well as individuals to ensure a liquid, vibrant and efficient financial market. We provide advice on client portfolio management/restructuring as well as timing of sales/purchases.


Institutional Sales and Marketing

Institutional Sales & Marketing (“ISM”) provides an in-house distribution channel for often exclusive investment products originated by both our Afrinvest West Africa Ltd and Afrinvest Asset Management ltd as well as unique value secondary market trading opportunities.

ISM is organized in two sub-divisions – international and domestic to adequately reach our clients.

The investment products include straight equity, convertibles, structured products, money markets, currencies and fixed income securities (both listed and unlisted).

Typical international clients include the following:

  • Fund/Asset Managers; and
  • Brokers

Domestic clients include:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Pension Fund Administrators
  • Asset Management Firms
  • Cooperatives