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    The 2016 Nigerian Banking Sector Report

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Investment Banking
We provide assistance to companies faced with opportunities for growth such as a Merger or Acquisition and Issuances of all Corporate Capital Raising Transactions…


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With our rich methods, we ensure maximum output and remain resourceful through our efficient channels, ranging from Mutual Funds and Brokerage to Private Wealth and Retail Sales…

Securities Trading
We provide ready access to local and international financial markets such as Money Markets, Equities Trading, Fixed Income Trading and Institutional Sales & Marketing…

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2016 Nigerian Banking Sector Report

The 2016 Nigerian Banking Sector Report

The 11th edition of the Afrinvest Nigerian Banking Sector Report titled “Searching for Investor Confidence” aptly captures the degree of pessimism in the Nigerian economy by investors following the sharp decline in global oil prices and the lingering crisis in the currency market.


With the economy under performing its potential, the oft-repeated investment case for Nigeria has shifted from the resilient economy with unexploited natural/human resources and attractive demographic features to confidence metrics such as, policy consistency, sound governance, regulation and reforms.