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Investment Banking
We provide assistance to companies faced with opportunities for growth such as a Merger or Acquisition and Issuances of all Corporate Capital Raising Transactions…


Asset Management
With our rich methods, we ensure maximum output and remain resourceful through our efficient channels, ranging from Mutual Funds and Brokerage to Private Wealth and Retail Sales…

Securities Trading
We provide ready access to local and international financial markets such as Money Markets, Equities Trading, Fixed Income Trading and Institutional Sales & Marketing…

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Economic and Financial Markets Outlook 2017

“The Economic and Financial Markets Outlook 2017…Reform or be Relegated” Report

Against expectations of stronger growth in 2016, the performance of the global economy and financial markets was driven by the resonating effects of increased uncertainties which persisted throughout the year.


In the domestic economy, weak fiscal response, oil production volume shocks and an incoherent monetary policy stance – which resulted in a currency market crisis – pushed the economy into a recession and damaged investor sentiment…